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Not two humans are alike, and brain injuries create complex support and rehabilitation needs unique to each person. With this top of mind, our team, which is comprised of participants, their family members, our professionals and staff, design a program specifically for each participant. Our people guide our residents in a model of interdependence.

Grass Roots

Janet Sherwood and her son John founded CONNECT in Langley in 1993 to address the overwhelming lack of services and supports in BC for people with acquired brain injury. Over the course of 20 years CONNECT’s capacity has grown to accommodate 71 transitional and long-term residents. With the opening of CONNECT Lake Country in January 2009, CONNECT as a whole has helped hundreds of people with acquired brain injury redesign their realities and build better, meaningful lives.

Real life, practical approach to rehabilitation

The CONNECT approach is less about rehab and more about coaching. We guide, rather than lead, our residents to live meaningful lives and recreate their lives. We encourage the participation of family and friends and it is with their input and suggestions which establishes the direction in which CONNECT guides the resident. We understand that the effects of brain injury have a devastating impact on family and loved ones and therefore family and friends are included in our community of support. Family, friends, fun, social connections and involvement in the community are important aspects of participant programs.

Individualized programs may include:

  • A Coaching team that includes an Independence Coach (Physiotherapist), a Play Coach (Recreation Therapist), and a Health and Wellness Coach (Occupational Therapist) 
  • Computers – Internet, assessments and skills.
  • Behaviour support and social skills development
  • Peer support and community activities
  • Daily living skills
  • Volunteer programs.
  • Leisure and recreational opportunities

Our homes are fully licensed as “Specialized Adult Residential” under British Columbia’s Community Care and Assisted Living Act and thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. We work with a wide range of funding agencies including private and public insurance companies, WorkSafe BC, government programs, health authorities and private pay.

Our rates are based on an individual’s needs and vary depending on the level of care required. The determined per diem includes therapy design, management and implementation, day programs, private room and board, professional consultation, team meetings and reporting. To arrange for an assessment or make an inquiry, please contact our office in Langley at 604-534-0705 or in Lake Country at 250-469-9358. We would be happy to answer your questions, provide more information or set up an assessment.

Admission requirements

We are available on short notice to provide detailed assessments and proposals for care. Applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • 19 years of age or older
  • Medically stable
  • Have access to funding
  • Demonstrate interest and involvement