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Our 2010 Summer Party

We recently held a block party in an effort to meet our neighbours and to celebrate summer with friends and relatives. It was an uncharacteristically cool and rainy day for the central Okanagan but it only dampened our clothes, not our spirit!

Many hands helped prepare a sumptuous feast that made everybody forget about the rain.

And what goes well with great food? Great music! Entertainment was provided by two musical acts with connections to Connect Lake Country. The opening act, which was delayed by the only significant rainstorm of the day, was an acoustic duo consisting of IT Coach Kevin and former staff member Gary who serenaded the crowd while they enjoyed their meal.

After the feast, much socializing took place. Warren and his family checked out our brand new gazebo.

and everybody got to know each other's families and the neighbours were able to finally find out who hangs out in the beautiful new building in their midst.

The day was topped off by a rockin' performance by a band featuring Nurse Jen's husband on drums.

They played two sets of great music that sent everybody home with a smile on their face.

The day was a great success, largely due to the hard work by everybody at Connect Lake Country.