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Community Recreation Initiatives Society (C.R.I.S.) Adapted Outdoor Adventures is one of CONNECT Lake Country's favorite community partners. This is an inclusive program designed to make the outdoors accessible to people of all levels of ability. C.R.I.S. runs adapted hiking, cycling and kayaking trips all throughout the Okanagan using special equipment and trained staff and volunteers.

One of C.R.I.S.'s greatest gifts, besides the adventure itself, is the people they have involved; they are simply fantastic. It truly is an inclusive environment where the focus is to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. The lines between participants, leaders, volunteers and staff become blur during trips, and everyone ends up talking, laughing and appreciating the beautiful surroundings. CONNECT residents and employees have been able to develop relationships with other participants, volunteers, and C.R.I.S staff during these adventures. Over 15 CONNECT Lake Country residents are registered with C.R.I.S. and we have weekly scheduled adventures for kayaking and cycling throughout the summer. A couple of residents have even made their own connections with the staff at C.R.I.S. and now are in contact directly with them to organize their own trips. Thanks C.R.I.S for the fantastic work that you do!