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Meet Jim Varey

Jim was one of the first residents to move into CONNECT Lake Country.  His first comment upon seeing his new home back in Jan 2009 was “I’ve slept in $300 a night hotel rooms that weren’t this nice!”. Jim believes he has carved a path for others to follow. He recently celebrated his fourth year of sobriety with Alcoholics Anonymous.  Jim is proud to be an AA member and feels there is an interlinking connection this membership and his new found independence.  He has also spent the last two years working with the Coordinated Okanagan Brain Injury Services division of Braintrust Canada during which he was a guest speaker and he was also a mentor of Substance Abuse for the Brain Injured. 



 Jim says that the people at CONNECT was very supportive, both with verbal encouragement and meeting his transportation needs so he could participate in these activities.  When Jim moved into CONNECT Lake Country here he was determined to find the bright side of life as he felt at that time that he was living on the dull side. With CONNECT's support, he has “polished that into the brightness I am living in today”.  Jim claims that his time with CONNECT helped him find stability in his life so that he could participate in the community.  Jim’s advice to anybody who may be hurting is “don’t ever lose the concept of hope because life is a vision of hope.  Accept that you have a brain injury and how it has affected you. Once you have done that then you can move on to become the person you really want to be.”

Jim believes his time living at CONNECT has been a great success which helped him to construct safety nets in his life.  Earlier this year Jim move out and is now living the interdependent life of his own choosing.  CONGRATULATIONS to Jim for finding the strength to embracing the support available to reach his goals.  And Jim, THANK YOU for your contributions and gifts while you lived at CONNECT.  Your work ethic and daily contributions are things that we will never forget.