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Meet J.P.

J.P. Forest is an experienced skydiver with over 1800 dives under his belt.  J.P. is the founder of a highly successful surveillance system company and is an avid videographer.  He combined the skills he obtained at work with his hobby and became a Camera Flyer.  Camera Flyers are the guys that jump out of the plane with a camera attached to their helmet and record the proceedings on the way down. 

J.P. suffered a brain injury and some broken bones when engine failure caused a plane crash in 2008.  He was in a coma for thirty days and spent two and a half months in hospital recovering from his injuries.  He presently lives at CONNECT Langley.  As part of his rehab, CanAssist created an iPhone application called "Task Manager" that aids J.P. in remembering the steps involved in completing an activity and the order in which they should be followed.  If he wanted to make a meal, for instance, the software could be loaded with pictures and text of each step of the meal preparation.  J.P. has recently resumed working at his company. He is working on independently taking public transportation to work, with the assistance of the "Task Manager".  J.P. “doesn’t just want to sit around” and is very motivated to stay productive and active.  His determination, focus and drive is no doubt a large part of the reason for J.P.’s remarkable progress.