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Why CONNECT? Why Now?

Lance RB Bethell - Work and Trades Coach - Connect Langley

In January of this year I joined CONNECT Langley after a career path that has been wide and, to say the least, varied in nature.  I have renovated homes (custom inlayed hardwood flooring being my specialty), have had fun in various areas of the hospitality industry (cook, bellman, front doorman, VIP chauffeur), worked long hours in the high-stress film industry (location manager, production coordinator, 2nd assistant director on commercials) to name a few.  I am a graduate of BCIT’s Sales and Marketing Diploma program and have an honours diploma in Film Visual Effects.  So the next obvious step was to join a stable and reputable company specializing in the area of acquired brain injury right?

All lightheartedness aside……... 

Life sometimes places opportunities in your path that are a very special fit.  Over the past 7+ years brain injury has weaved its way into my life on many levels.  My wife worked at GF Strong Rehab Centre for many years and was involved in Vancouver’s hosting of the Pacific Brain Injury Conference.  

I watched Patti Flaherty, a very dear friend of ours, speak very passionately about CONNECT after joining the company, and visited CONNECT Lake Country during its creation.  Very Exciting! A passionate company is a huge positive to me.  Closer to home I cared for my mother every day for the last six months of her life.  She passed last September after being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour; I watched a progressive brain injury fairly rapidly take her away from me.  Just as suddenly as my mother passed (3 days later) my father had a stroke.  A very lucky man all things considered, but he has acquired a mild brain injury and as a result, is not as engaged, artistic or lively as he once was.




So again......Why CONNECT, Why Now?  Patti Flaherty mentioned that CONNECT Langley was creating a position that may fit my diverse character and knowledge base. The opportunity arose to be interviewed for a position that was varied in nature and wide in scope (constantly getting wider I may add), and the why is that it was a fit......turn left for CONNECT. 

So what does a Work and Trades Coach do you may ask?  The simple answer is “whatever it takes”.  I oversee the maintenance, vehicles maintenance, major renovations, site safety, emergency preparedness and the new computers of CONNECT Langley’s 5 homes.  However, the most exciting part of my position is interacting with our wonderfully diverse residents. Supporting them in any way I can with their lives, and mentoring those I can into having a larger more productive role in the community, to date I have not been able to invest much time in this area, but that is coming.  The hope is to contribute to their sense of worth and belonging as they travel their road to a more interdependent life.  The mentoring side of things will surely take time, imagination and a lot of effort, what fun!

As Work and Trades Coach I will add to the Langley team a creative out of the box way of approaching challenges.  I will strive to absorb as much of my colleagues and our residents ideas as possible to help CONNECT Langley exceed its current stellar reputation in the area of transitional rehabilitation, and offer a unique conduit for our residents to integrate as much as possible back into their community.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of the CONNECT team as we see the expansion of Langley’s residential capacity and many other new, exciting, positive and progressive changes.


So far so good.

Quote as seen on my business card:

“Don't get too comfortable with who you are at any given time - you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.” – Jon Bon Jovi