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"All Things Are Possible When You Believe", The Courage to Come Back. By Michael Coss


My life changed dramatically on May 18th, 2006 one whereby I was living life in the fast lane as I was just promoted to Field Marketing within Molson Coors Canada and I was a new father to not just 1 child but to twins, a son and a daughter. Life could not have been any better. We were travelling via van from Vancouver to Kelowna to go and execute Maxim Golf promotion which is Golf done differently. We were also going to stay with our best friends, Jay and Jodi Heer, when it was assumed that an animal decided to cross the highway, a deer or a similar animal. I immediately swerved, and the vehicle that I was driving left the highway and rolled a few times before coming to a halt. My spouse fractured her wrist, my son was induced into a 10 day COMA, my daughter, thankfully was uninjured, and I fell into a close to 7 month sleep, a COMA rated an 8 out of 10 on the Glasgow COMA scale. My family was devastated, my parents who lived in Quebec City at the time, decided to relocate permanently to Vancouver BC to give my family and I all the support they felt that we needed. They traded in the snow for the rain but it gave them a chance as well to get to know their grandchildren as well.

Doctors told my family that I would never be able to speak, eat, or walk again. My family was devastated. My father began to do some research on the internet and decided that HBOT was going to be my route back. HBOT is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. My mother accompanied me 5 days a week via ambulance from the hospital to the facility that I went to for treatments. Her role was to place a sponge with water into my mouth which would make me swallow, therefore equalizing the pressure within my ears. And it worked; I awoke from my close to 7 month sleep after just 3 sessions of HBOT treatment. I was re-born at 36 years of age. I re-learned how to eat on a puree diet and I looked like I was on a commercial for GERBER baby foods. I re-learned how to shave but due to the amounts of cuts on my face it also looked like I was on another commercial for BAND AIDS.


Let’s fast forward 5+ years; On Sunday September 18th, 2011 I completed in the Terry Fox Run which was held in Langley BC in the 1 km event. It took me 56 minutes to complete the distance walking but it gave me my pride back and my sense of dignity again. I’m not ready to run The Vancouver marathon just yet, but I see myself walking with my children arm in arm going to the park to push them on the swing sets in the future. I have a frame on the wall of my room with the following sayings: it’s called My Daily Thoughts and Commitment “All things are possible when you believe”, “Man becomes what he thinks about”, and “Laughter attracts joy, releases negativity, and leads to miraculous cures”.

“I focus on my full recovery”

Michael Coss