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A Book Review of "The Courage to Come Back - Triumph Over TBI - A Story of Hope" By Michael Coss

Review by Denise Cambiotti, Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner located in Coquitlam, BC.     (604) 936-5463

This book published in 2011 by Expert Author Publishing in Canada comes five years after Michael Coss's car accident and resulting brain injury. In these five years, Michael has had a variety of unusual experiences due to this unfortunate incident.

From coma to reawakening and relearning to walk inch by inch, Michael has been determined to regain his full health - all while keeping a smile on his face.

While Michael is passionate about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), which he credits with re-awakening him from his coma, he has also spent countless hours pursuing other therapies to regain normalcy in his life. Additionally, many hours have been spent raising funds for the Rick Hansen Foundation (for spinal cord injuries), and beginning his own foundation to help pay for HBOT for children. Sales of his book are being directed to the Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation for this purpose.

This book covers a bit of his experience with Watsu, Speech Therapy, The Lokomat Machine, and Specialized Kinesiology. Most of these therapies are not yet well known. Additionally he mentions his energizing experiences with 'Discovering the Power In Me' from the Workman's Compensation Board of BC program, "Stand Up for Mental Health", and "Wheelchair Curling".  Michael also shares information about his experience living in a group home environment and the help and support he received there. Michael includes words of advice to other TBI survivors as well as their families.

It took a few years to complete, yet, letter by letter on the keyboard, Michael crafted this book. It parallels the way he has gathered a team of therapists and pieced together a life where he includes sailing, horseback riding, and celebrating special events with his friends and family. Most recently he set a goal to train for and complete a one kilometre walk for the Terry Fox event and He Did It in under one hour!!!

I have always believed Michael could walk again, even when he wasn't able to YET. What I wasn't prepared for was the incredible inspiration he has become for so many.  I would recommend this book if a brain injury has affected you or someone in your life. While the therapies he mentions may not be convenient to your location, they are worth knowing about!

Meantime, what you can do is model Michael's process:

- Keep exploring.

- Commit to something and really work at it.

- Build a team that works well with each other's therapies.

- Have an inspiration that keeps you getting up every morning too!

- And most of all, BELIEVE that things can improve.

Every inch adds up!