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In Loving memory of our Dear Friend Ruth Webster:

May She Rest in Peace.

Ruth Webster joined the CONNECT family 11 years ago. She had two beautiful children, Sheryl and Brian, whom she loved dearly.

Ruth was truly special. She had a very pleasant personality and enjoyed life to the fullest. She was always positive, always shared a smile and enjoyed listening to music.  She sang along and often danced away to the tunes she loved. Never a dull moment with Ruth!

She was very proud of her achievement as a pilot. When she was 19 she lived in her home town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and she flew a Cessna solo for 2 years. She would often reflected back on that time with a pleasant fondness.

She had a love for animals that was infectious, especially her favorite cat “Leelo”, and for nature too.

Being here at CONNECT Langley she was always happy. Loved to dress up smart, and enjoyed the simple things in life like shopping for new clothes, coffee, playing bingo and socializing. She loved people and Ruth was a friendly soul.

She had a great sense of humor. Not long ago, I asked Ruth if I could borrow her beautiful eyes for the weekend, she nodded her head and said “yes”. Minutes later she turned round, and said to me “as long as you return my beautiful eyes on Monday” and she burst out laughing!!

Her memories will live with us forever. Gone, but will not be forgotten.

 Submitted by Beryl and Rennie