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GIVE THANKS: 1st Annual CONNECT Lake Country Fall Social


Early in September a group of CONNECT residents came up with an idea to host a party that would prove to be even more fun and relevant than they first imagined.  They recruited a few CONNECT staff members to help with the planning although the lion's share of the work, ideas and effort was done by a group of 6 residents.  “Give Thanks” became the theme for our first annual CONNECT Fall Dine and Dance Social. This theme guided the planning committee’s collaborative efforts and creative ideas to ensure not a detail was forgotten.  On Friday, October 7th 2011 at the Winfield Memorial Hall, 150 members of the community including residents and former residents of CONNECT, their families and friends, staff and members of our Okangan community gathered to “Give Thanks”.

The night was co-hosted by Crista Frank, resident of CONNECT, and Ray Tims, Work and Trades Coach. Glen O'Connor, resident of CONNECT, led the grace before our feast to give thanks.  Our guest speaker Timothy Harris, former resident at CONNECT shared his story of success. He was fantastic and awe inspiring.  The evening wrapped up following hours of dancing to great music provided by a local professional DJ.  Just about everyone hit the dance floor throughout the night, we had so much fun.


We came together in the true spirit of Thanksgiving to reflect on our blessings; family, friends, individual talents and the inspiration we give each other daily.  In the essence of team work, creativity and joy this event was a great success!