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Resident Artist at CONNECT Lake Country

Gail Linge has certainly had an important and special impact on CONNECT Lake Country.  Her paintings adorn many walls throughout the building where they are appreciated by all.  She is a multidisciplinary artist, often combining poetry with painting and incorporating found objects into her work.  Gail is often seen hard at work on her painting or sitting quietly in a corner composing her latest piece of poetry.

Recently, Gail had an exhibition of her paintings at the Okanagan Regional Library branch in Winfield, B.C. where the local community discovered what we already knew, which is that Gail paints fascinating, thought-provoking, beautiful works of art. 


Here is an examples of Gail’s poetry that contains samples of Gail’s use of neologism, the practice of inventing new words when the old ones won’t do.

MY ROOM IS A Mess    

My room is a mess

(or is it just M.E.)

I feel like a tidy bowl, manic

Flushing the key

Bi-pallor eyes satiated

Filled to the brim

Disinfected waters nullify need

Overlooking duty – stead –

Fabricated? Flam – flim

Flimsy neglibgents

Matched – a dieux

In bouts . . . . .