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OUR CHRIS ACTON, Physical Coach Extraordinaire!


Hi everyone! My name is Chris & I have been working as the Physical Coach at CONNECT since Jan '10. I started with the CONNECT family in Lake Country, but am now temporarily relocated to the Lower Mainland so I am working at CONNECT Langley. I will eventually make my way back to the Okanagan. My family is my husband, Mike & my cat, Patchie. 

My formal training is as a physiotherapist. Right now, I'm going to school part-time in Peer Counseling at UBC. I have worked at hospitals in Kelowna & Richmond and with the BC Speed Skating Assn. I consider myself very lucky to be part of the CONNECT family. I have had some amazing opportunities to be mentored by, and to learn from, staff (coaches, house staff & the leadership team), residents & families.

Outside of work, you’ll probably find me doing something related to sports. I enjoy speed skating, roller derby, skiing, biking & slo-pitch. I’m also a very big fan of holidays & celebrations: Christmas, the Olympics, Canada Day, Mardi Gras & everything in between. I love having parties to celebrate the spirit & usually top off the parties with a good cake (another love of mine!).

I enjoy seeing people attempt the things they want most, even if those things seem out of reach. Recently, I saw the movie We Bought a Zoo, which is centred around the expression, “Why not?”. Why not go for something you want, or think you want? A very talented mountain bike instructor once told me that if you want to attempt something but aren’t sure of the outcome, you should “size up” the opportunity & give it a fair go on 3 attempts. Sizing up the opportunity is important to make sure you don’t rush blindly into something. I’ve always though of this as “thoughtful spontaneity”.  When you follow the rules of attempting an opportunity 3 times, it’s amazing how often you will succeed on the 3rd attempt! If not, don’t keep attempting on that day or you will become frustrated. File away everything you have learned about the opportunity & your attempts, and come back again another day. Be patient but perseverant. It works!

Everyone in the CONNECT community has shown me special talents & gifts and I'm excited to learn more!