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Can a play affect the way health professionals deliver care and improve the quality of life for people who are living with brain injury?  After the Crash a play about brain injury written by Julia Gray as part of a Toronto Rehab Institute and University of Toronto research project led by Drs. Angela Colantonio and Pia Kontos is proving that drama is indeed a meaningful way to translate new knowledge.  Their final research paper is in the process of being published and will be available for review soon. 


On February 14th Julia Gray and her talented cast of 4 visited GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre to perform After The Crash.  The audience of approximately 50 health care professionals enjoyed an emotional, informative and entertaining journey.  Following the performance the audience and the cast engaged in a dialogue exploring questions and sharing feedback.  The performance was fantastic and something that all health care providers could benefit from; especially those who work with people with brain injury and stroke.  

This performance was made possible by Webster and Associates, Vancouver Coast Health and CONNECT.  A special thanks to Brian Webster and Elizabeth Baron for believing in this partnership.  We are exploring the possibility of having this performance return to British Columbia in the future.