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“Creating change from within empowers people with something as valuable as hope- the ability to choose a happy, healthy, contributive future.” Lou Tice

“At any stage in the journey of recovery, hope, belief in self and resiliency are essential.” The Pacific Institute

Recently, a group of people from CONNECT Langley had the pleasure of attending the 2-day workshop entitled: Discovering the Power in Me: Creating a Future of Strength and Hope, hosted by Sylvia Hoeree from Semiahmoo House. It was an amazing and inspirational experience. The workshop focused on how powerful our belief systems are and how our self-talk and limiting beliefs can prevent us from being the best we can be. It was very inspirational and we came away with some great ideas that will make lives better.

Here’s a little bit about the CONNECT attendees:

Dwayne Lambert is using his personal experience recovering from a stroke to become an inspiration to others who are experiencing  similar challenges. Attending the Power in Me workshop confirmed what Dwayne has been saying all along: Believe in yourself and you can do anything. Dwayne organized and hosted the very first Survivor Support Group at CONNECT Langley and intends to continue working with other survivors of brain injury when he moves out of CONNECT in the near future.

Carla Henderson takes her personal experiences with brain injury and physical challenges and uses them to inspire others to believe in themselves and what can be accomplished. Carla’s zest for living a life filled with joy and passion energizes us all! Carla is developing a career as a motivational speaker and challenges us to stretch our boundaries every day.

Suzanne Ubaldo has worked for CONNECT for over 6 years and is actively using her newly developed coaching skills to support the people she works with in figuring out what they want in their lives and how they might achieve their goals.

Bob Coss brings his experiences as a family member of someone who experienced a significant brain injury to the table. Bob and his son Michael both agree that Discovering the Power in Me changed their lives.

Jill Koppang is the Resource Teams Leader for CONNECT. Her “a-ha” moment came from realizing that people like Dwayne, Carla and Bob,  who refuse to accept limiting beliefs in their lives, have the power to change our organization.  

A special thanks go to Al Blesch who co-facilitated this session and works for The Pacific Institute for sponsoring 4 people from CONNECT Langley to attend.  Al your dedication and focus to make this workshop more accessible for people who's lives have been affected by brain injury is inspiring and appreciated.

For more information about Discuvering The Power in Me check out: