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Dwayne’s Healing Circle

On Monday February 13, Dwayne Lambert came one step closer to realizing his dream of creating a Healing Circle for people with brain injuries and those who care about them. He hosted a gathering of residents, staff and family at CONNECT Langley to talk about their experiences with brain injury.

Dwayne’s Aboriginal background led him to consider that a healing circle would be of great benefit to people impacted by brain injury. His belief is that everyone is equal and has the right to share their experiences. Everyone has a voice, even those who cannot speak. Family and staff have their own experiences with brain injury that are just as important to hear as those of the survivors. We are all connected. Everyone has a unique brain injury and unique personalities but share a common bond.

The gathering was powerful and gave many residents and staff at CONNECT the opportunity to share their experiences. Dwayne extends his thanks to Michael Coss for sharing his journey, Karen Leeking for her support in getting the word out and setting up the room and snacks, and to Stan Atkinson and Jill Koppang who provided Flip Chart support.

Dwayne’s next step is to meet with smaller, more intimate groups of people so that everyone will be more comfortable speaking.

It was and will be a healing experience.