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JP Forest: Creative Resourceful and Whole

Farewell and Thanks JP!

CONNECT's culture and philosophy reflects the belief that all people are naturally creative resourceful, whole and wise.  So, that’s what we say. But do we live it? Can you see it?  

For those of you who have followed our newsletters, you will be familiar with JP Forest. JP moved into CONNECT Langley in November 2008 after experiencing a severe brain injury in a plane crash. The first few months or so were pretty rough for JP and we all made some assumptions for him about what his life was going to look like in the future. Fortunately, JP was not on the same page as the rest of us!

Let’s consider for a moment our belief that “all people are naturally creative, resourceful, whole and wise” (from the Co-Active Coaching Model being incorporated into the fabric of CONNECT). When we made the assumptions about what JP’s future would look like based on our long-term experiences with working with people with brain injuries, we initially kept the doors closed on possibilities and opportunities. We defaulted to the “Tried and True” results that happen when services no longer meet people’s needs, wants and desires. We made the assumption that JP’s whopping big brain injury determined his future.

Our early assumptions about JP’s life trajectory never included JP driving off in his own car, to his own apartment, returning to paid employment, playing in a wind tunnel, traveling all over the place, going to seminars, connecting with his buddies, and writing a wicked-good blog that keeps us both enthralled and entertained.

It’s hard to wave good bye to JP. We learned so much from him; in particular the importance of believing that all people are naturally creative, resourceful, whole and wise. We also give a shout-out to WorkSafe Special Care Services who went the extra mile to help to support JP to make his goals a reality.