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Columbia Speech & Language Turns 25!!

Wendy Duke is a dear friend of CONNECT and she and her team at Columbia Speech & Language are celebrating their 25th year in business. Wendy and her team of 14 speech-language pathologists have been providing exceptional services to people will all kinds of communication disorders with a specialization in the area of brain injury rehabilitation and stroke recovery. 

On Thursday, May 9th, Wendy hosted an Open House at her offices in Vancouver to celebrate this major milestone.  With May being Speech and Hearing Month the timing for this celebration was no coincidence.  A fantastic turn out, great energy and a ton of fun.  Thanks for a great party!

Congratulations to Wendy for her dedication and ongoing commitment to improving people's lives through the services she offers and for her success in her business.  Wendy formally recognized her friends and colleagues who gathered to help her celebrate these 25 years, by individually honouring each and every one of her talented and committed staff.  It was touching and so gracious. Nicely done Wendy and we look forward to working with Columbia Speech and Language for many more years.