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Special Memories of Alan Holmans from KyungJoo Son

When I think about Alan, I like to reminisce about the good and wonderful times I had with him. Though we could not communicate by normal means, we communicated through laughter and smiles. Before I started my shift at Jan's House, I would always approached Alan and tell him not to worry as I had arrived. To this day, I believe this put Alan at ease and allowed him to be himself and comfortable around me. 

I was and continue to be happy to have brought him much joy and laughter, especially through my 2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do skills. Every kick I showed him, he would laugh and smile.  I would often sing and dance for him. Not because I am an expert but because he would laugh hysterically which would make me laugh as well. I didn't mind embarrassing myself in front of him because I knew it was our little secret and he would not let anyone else in on our secret. The last memorable moment I had with Alan was at Derby Park where baby geese were floating around on Fraser River. He always had this calm look on his face with a charming smile while, sitting by the river, watching the baby geese and others fishing in the midst of being embraced by the cool breeze. Looking back, that was our nice little goodbye moment. He was a good man to me and I miss him and I simply wish and pray for nothing but utmost happiness and peace in his afterlife.