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Re-CONNECT For A New Start BY Dylan Olafsen


Oak Tree Dance

What do I see as I sit arched in the moon?  I see a beautiful planet, a rainbow bubbling with magnificent creatures.

I look to a little spot where great deeds are done. I see humans helping humans, ones with brains and bodies once disrupted in the moment’s infinite trot.  Birds, fish and dogs all observe helping humans calm thought.  The injured are healed some from a baby’s beginnings.  First steps, new words, neural connections reform on course with a new plot.  I feel some though are saddened, by the minds sense of loss.  Only to discover space for silence transcending thought.

I lie back on the moon seated as if in a fable. I imagine the view from soon supernova stars.  It appears as a glorious evolution an unfolding of the great intention.  The artist’s pallet of potential magically dances, as life. A whole universe in existence becoming aware within all, once forgot.

As I look back on the blue planet, each moment is nearly still.  The precisely perfect roll for evolution to create wonder.  I focus and see this place I was talking about.  It lies not far from many grand glistening lakes.  The healing power is at work through compassionate, kind and caring people whom are guided by abundant love within heart.  Healing the human brain to help it re-Connect for a new start.