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CONNECT-ing Through Communications

By Lissa Swihart

How does a nature-loving, vegetarian, world-travelling Albertan writer find herself loving life as a Communication Specialist at CONNECT Communities?


Like CONNECT, part of my life philosophy is expecting the unexpected. And like most writers, I tend to gravitate towards a spontaneous existence, which I believe fosters an open mind.

Near the middle of 2012, I started to ponder how I could incorporate more meaning into my work and build something lasting through my communications and writing skills.

Enter CONNECT Communities and Classic LifeCare, two companies looking for a Communication Specialist to take their brand promises and infuse them into their respective cultures through consistent language, strategic messaging and intentional application.

What an opportunity!

Both CONNECT Communities and Classic LifeCare embody philosophies with a rich heritage I embrace and support. After just a month on the job, I can say this is a great fit and will provide the meaning I have been searching for.

Right after high school, I earned a diploma in print journalism. I then worked in newspapers and in the freelance world for five years.

Journalism was an incredible opportunity to see life through countless lenses. I learned to translate what people told me and my own observations into stories readers could enjoy, relate to and learn from.

My storytelling journey continued when I went back to school to earn a degree in Communications. Since then, I have handled communications and marketing for design, real estate, alternative energy, adventure sports and events companies.

Having visited CONNECT Communities in Lake Country and Langley this month, I am beginning to understand the value and forward thinking involved in the CONNECT promise. It feels good to be communicating for a culture changing the way Canadians think about brain injury. I am thrilled to join the CONNECT promise keepers, global leaders, coaches and residents.

When I’m not writing, researching or networking, I am usually doing something active outside, reading, cooking spicy food or enjoying life with my partner, Dave, and our dog, Stella. We love our life and are grateful for extraordinary adventures, family and friends. Thankfully, that now includes the CONNECT Communities and Classic LifeCare families too.