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Rewarding Curiosity

A passion for learning earned CONNECT Langley’s Independence Coach, Adele MacNeill an award.

Adele is the recipient of the "Ginny Fearing Learning as a Way of Being Award." The award recognizes Adele’s commitment to ongoing education and curiosity.

Adele says she has always been interested in sharing information and knowledge.

"Everyone has something to share and contribute," says Adele. "That sharing is key because the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts."

Adele works at CONNECT one day per week as an Independence Coach and three days per week at GF Strong as an occupational therapist on the ABI Program Outreach and Outpatient teams. Her supervisor Linda Boronowski and colleague Alison McLean nominated her.

She has participated in numerous educational talks and helps to build resources in the community.

"I see my role at CONNECT as helping people become more independent. I work with residents and their key workers to become more independent in their activities of daily living and more independent in general."

She educates and helps CONNECT develop programs and says the most rewarding part of her job is seeing people make change.

"When you have a brain injury, you don’t change as a person. What changes is your ability to express it," says Adele. "It’s incredibly gratifying to see a person get back to where they were, or to see them creating a life they couldn’t have imagined before."

Adele is also the co-writer of a blog The site for clients and clinicians features news about mobile technology and how it can be used for rehabilitation needs.

"I really identify with CONNECT’s belief that people are creative, resourceful and whole. That kind of thinking looks at what a person can do and their potential, which fits very well with occupational therapy. Like CONNECT, I see the possibilities.