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A Unified Front for the Brain Injury Community

The merging of two organizations is bringing a clear and focused purpose to support BC’s brain injury community.

Announced in November 2012, the BC Brain Injury Association (BCBIA) and the Pacific Coast Brain Injury Conference Society (PCBICS) are joining together to become one organization with a focused and clear purpose to support the province’s brain injury community. 

Three members from each board of directors have formed a Merger Transition Group. This group will work closely with the Governance Group to complete the merger and liaise with their respective board members until the new organization is formed and confirmation of its board members is complete.

Although no one knows what the newly formed organization will look like, what each of the two boards have firmly committed to as one of the main priorities for the new organization is supporting the work of

The focus of the site after almost three years since its launch is growing an on-line community, increasing collaboration with community partners, and continuing to provide new and engaging content. has proven to be an effective and helpful resource for families and survivors. It also serves as an important and significant educational resource for professionals and others who are working in the field.

The timeline for the merger is three to six months to get the business end of things complete and form a new organization with one board of directors. 

The Governance Group, led by Vince Battistelli, will help facilitate the merger and lead the new board through a strategic planning process and active board governance development.  The strategic planning and governance development process will take until the spring of 2014.   

For more info and periodic updates on the process please checkout