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BC Government Provides $3 Million in Funding to Brain Injury Alliance

Minister of Health Terry Lake recently announced the Province of British Columbia will provide $3 million in funding to the Brain Injury Alliance over the course of three years.

The funding will be used to help cover the organizational costs of the 16 organizations that make up the Brain Injury Alliance and provide support for the services they offer to people living with brain injury in BC. The Brain Injury Alliance is thankful for the funding and is excited about the possibilities it opens up.

The Alliance issued the following statement about the funding, "What is wonderful about this funding is how it offers the opportunity for non-profit charitable organizations to maintain services to current clients, to add important services for people with an acquired brain injury, and increase the number of people they serve. For individuals who have acquired a brain injury, there is a sense of security that was missing before."

The Brain Injury Alliance is a collection of non-profit organizations that support people living with brain injury in British Columbia. To learn more about the Brain Injury Alliance, visit