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Our five residences in Langley are situated on beautiful, sprawling, treed grounds. We strive to preserve the spirit of a family home in each of our residences. Visitors are greeted with a warm welcome, enthusiasm, and conversation. Common areas are roomy and inviting. Large private bedrooms reflect the personal touches of their residents. Our homes, inside and out, are wheelchair adapted and accessible. The extensive grounds provide ample space for walks, gardening, pets and quiet reflection.

Connect Langley provides transitional community based rehabilitation services and residential support for 29 people. Added features include a fitness room, media room, a handyman's workshop and computers with internet access. Our homes are within easy access of public transit, community centers, parks, banks, restaurants, malls, cinemas and other amenities.

Lake Country

Our condominium development in Lake Country (near Kelowna) contains six individual homes. Each home has seven private bedrooms, a kitchen, dining and living rooms and everything a home offers. The six homes are attached by a connecting corridor behind the building, which houses some common areas, such as a fitness room, media room, offices, meeting, and recreation and leisure areas. The outside landscape areas provide outdoor living spaces and areas for gardening, relaxation and social gatherings. We are located is in the Winfield neighbourhood, which has many parks, borders on Bottom Woods Lake and has retail amenities.

We like to think of it as a home first with creative and individualized services for the people we have the privilege to support. It is home to transitional rehabilitation and residential services for up to 42 people living with brain injuries.