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CONNECT Newsletter November 2011

CONNECT Newsletter November 2011

Bedrooms, Services and Support available now in Lake Country - Contact us at 250-469-9358
Langley availability anticipated in February 2012 - Contact us at 604-534-0705

Other News

Tips and Tricks

Co-Active Coaching At CONNECT by Master Coach Juhree Zimmerman

CONNECT Communities is a fascinating and exciting place. When my colleague, Mary Ellen Sanajko, and I first met Patti Flaherty, CONNECT's Executive Director and the leadership team, we knew they were amazing, special people with a huge vision and lots of ideas to improve the lives of people with brain injury.

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Exercising Our Values through Accreditation


In June 2012, CONNECT Communities will go through the final process to become a fully accredited organization through Accreditation Canada. Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit, independent organization that provides health organizations with an external peer review to assess the quality of their services based on standards of excellence. Accreditation offers regular, consistent ways of examining and improving the quality of our services through on-site peer reviews and surveys by peer surveyors.

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Our People

Celebrating Life and The Power Of Intention


Sometimes people connect in unexpected ways.

Take JP Forest and Michael Coss, two men who have experienced brain injury in very different ways. They met as housemates at CONNECT Langley and subsequently became friends. They have combined their respective talents and have come up with some pretty amazing ideas.

JP recently came into the Langley office with a DVD he had prepared for us. The following is an excerpt from a letter he wrote sharing a dream that the two men intend to make come true.

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A Book Review of "The Courage to Come Back - Triumph Over TBI - A Story of Hope" By Michael Coss

Review by Denise Cambiotti, Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner located in Coquitlam, BC.     (604) 936-5463

This book published in 2011 by Expert Author Publishing in Canada comes five years after Michael Coss's car accident and resulting brain injury. In these five years, Michael has had a variety of unusual experiences due to this unfortunate incident.

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