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Making Lives Better for 20(+5) Years!

Making Lives Better for 20(+5) Years!

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CONNECT - Making Lives Better

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Tips and Tricks

Independence Coach Brings Conference Knowledge Back to CONNECT

By Brian Hall, Occupational Therapist

In late September I had the fortune of attending the 10th annual conference of the Brain Injury Association of Canada. The three days consisted of engaging speakers, group discussions, one-to-one chats over coffee and connecting with students, professionals, politicians, families, and individuals living with a brain injury. 

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The Idea of Social Capital is Spreading

The ideas of interdependence and social capital are spreading, thanks to the work of the Interdependent Network (IN). 

"The IN is all about building social capital to make lives better," says Patti Flaherty, President and COO of CONNECT, who attended the first IN symposium in Pittsburgh in October, 2013. "If we as the providers of services aren't supporting that, then what difference are we making in the lives of people with brain injury and disability?"

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Our People

Two men are holding CONNECT to its mission – Making Lives Better.

Bob Coss and Jim Henderson, who are both fathers of CONNECT residents, have formed a family council, of sorts, to contribute to the improvement and evolution of CONNECT.

"CONNECT does a fantastic job for people with brain injuries," says Jim. "As parents, we only have so much time with our children. When we pass away, we have to trust CONNECT to be the sole support for our children. That's a hefty responsibility. So if we can help CONNECT continually improve, we will rest easier when that time comes."

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All the Best to Jill Koppang

CONNECT recently said goodbye and good luck to five-year employee Jill Koppang, Resource Teams Leader, who made the difficult decision to leave CONNECT in early January.

Jill made countless contributions toward CONNECT’s mission; "to make lives better". She coordinated CONNECT's first successful Accreditation Canada Survey, was a champion of CONNECT's Coaching approach and a leader in making CONNECT a learning destination.

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