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Our People

Our team includes trained professionals, skilled and experienced in complex transitional rehabilitation and residential support services. First and foremost, however, our people are caring, compassionate and respectful which creates a workplace that is supportive and fun.

Ongoing Education and Training

CONNECT believes strongly in ongoing education and supporting our team through a variety of learning opportunities. We offer opportunities to broaden people’s knowledge of brain injury, upgrade skills and access hands on training. Our people regularly benefit from access to related education through attendance at local brain injury conferences as well as specific workshops and presentations hosted on-site.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Patti Flaherty
Executive Director

The footprints of her professional journey have prepared her for leading the development of CONNECT Lake Country and overseeing the leadership and management of CONNECT Langley and the growth of the company. Her ability to keep a strong focus along with her sense of humour goes a long way in executing team goals and supporting people to be the best they can be. Like the rest of the team, Patti enjoys outdoor activities and looks forward to gathering family and friends at a table with good food, good conversation and a great abundance of laughter.

John Sherwood

John’s role at CONNECT is to provide leadership through mentoring and support and to empower those around him. Following his mother Janet's vision of "a better life for those living with brain injury", John enjoys watching people explore their potential. At the end of the day he is most proud of "our residents and ourselves". John's day begins and ends with his family and when time permits his pastimes are fly-fishing and skiing.

Janette Jackman
Leader, Langley

Janette's desire to make a difference in another's life is the thread that weaves its way into the fabric of overseeing the daily management of the Langley homes, residents and team. Janette's quiet and humble leadership has a strong and positive impact on the people she works with and supports day to day. Experiencing the weather on a motorcycle; walking; and spending time with family and friends rates high on her list of activities away from her office.

Jill Koppang
Resource Teams Leader

Bringing "heart to health" is the best part of Jill's job and her absolute belief in human potential is what keeps her going. She's inspired as she observes people become the best they can be. Creative writing and exploring the unfamiliar while in the company of family and friends, keep her busy on her days off. Jill's favorite word?...Yes!

Karen Tims
Leader, Lake Country

Sharing in the success of others is what makes Karen's day to day life at CONNECT fulfilling. She is constantly encouraging our residents to life to the fullest and providing them with the support they need. Fishing with her husband, spending time with her family and learning to play the piano keep Karen busy on her days off.


Meet Our Coaches

Adele MacNeill, OT
Independence Coach, Langley

Teamwork, commitment and the opportunity to make a difference was the connection for Adele. Adele's favorite word - Serendipity, reminds her to keep a prepared and open mind.

Brian Hall, OT
Independence Coach, Lake Country

Brian is CONNECT Lake Country's independence coach, helping our residents achieve their diverse goals beyond the ADL's and IADL's. The ability to make positive change supported by an innovative team is what keeps Brian smiling. When not working Brian can rarely be found, as he is likely outside, exercising with his wife and daughter.